Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Let's Have A Party In Prague! (Wanda Jackson & Karel Zich, 1987)

This one is indirectly linked to my previous post -- when the Iron Curtain collapsed in 1989/'90, (West) German fleamarkets were suddenly swamped with books and record albums from (East) German public libraries.

In the true spirit of Socialist Brotherhood, these libraries not only contained recordings from the GDR, but from other countries of the Warsaw Pact as well -- one of the library items I acquired was this 1987 Czech Supraphon album by Wanda Jackson & Karel Zich, "Let's Have A Party In Prague".

Being a former public library item, the album was unfortunately no longer in mint condition, but in good enough shape to warrant digitising/archiving.

01 Let's Have A Party                                                                       
02 Long-Legged Guitar Picking Man  
03 Losing Game
04 My Party                                                                                    
05 Right Or Wrong                                                                              
06 Good Bye                                                                                    
07 Mean Mean Man                                                                               
08 Jackson                                                                                     
09 It's My Job                                                                                 
10 Summer On My Mind                                                                           
11 Crying In The Chapel                                                                        
12 5-4-3-2-1                                                                                   
13 Wheels Of Rock'n'Roll                

(48 MB zipped mp3 including partial scans of cover)

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